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"As the new school year approaches, President Obama has been traveling around talking about the high cost of education. In a speech given on August 22 in Syracuse, New York, he laid out a plan to rein in the costs, describing affordable and accessible education as "Washington's highest priority."

But the education system isn't broken -- it's "fixed." If we're serious about tackling the issue of affordable education and student debt, we need to strike at the root of the problem -- the influence of money in politics."

Who's to Blame for the Student Debt Crisis? Ben Cohen and Edward Erikson


The Huffington Post

Over the last four years, we have conducted focus groups across the country, listening to people talk about energy and we noticed a set of new trends emerging. While people always want cheap, reliable electricity, more and more they are looking for local, self-sufficient and sustainable solutions to their energy needs.

NIMBY? Not in LA! Edward Erikson and Matthew MacWilliams


Sarasota Patch

According to political strategists Matt MacWilliams and Ed Erikson: “[Cohen’s] open source Stampede marketing campaign may become the new model for how to fuse social media and grass-roots activism with the assets of existing organizations to engage and provoke the public in demanding change.”

Ben & Jerry's Co-Founder Coming to Sarasota to Fight Citizens United, Toni Whitt



"While 2012 will be remembered as the year of the tweet, 2013 may be remembered at the year of the jilted political tweep. In January, we analyzed candidate Twitter accounts for 33 of the most contested House races and found something a little unusual: after the election, most winning candidates stopped tweeting. 24 out of 33 of the winners went dark after Election Day"

2013: The Year of the Jilted Tweep?, Matthew MacWilliams and Edward Erikson


PBS Newshour

"Connecting with official sources can also foster engagement, said Edward Erikson, a political communications strategist. “It gives more and more people a window into that life and a window into that world that they wouldn’t really have access to otherwise,” Erikson said, using photographs of the Obama family as an example. "

#INAUG2013: How Social Media Changed our Inaugural Experience, Ellie Wilkinson