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Friends Eat

Matthew MacWilliams and Edward Erikson, believe Ben Cohen and his open source Stampede marketing campaign may “become the new model for how to fuse social media and grass-roots activism with the assets of existing organizations to engage and provoke the public in demanding change.”

Ben & Jerry's Co-founder Fights to Get Money Out of Politcs, Spence Cooper



“It’s a petition on steroids.” That’s the way Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, describes the Stamp Stampede — his guerrilla marketing campaign that uses money to get money out of politics. Literally.

Stamping Out Big Money in Politics,  Matthew MacWilliams and Edward Erikson


Edelman Media

"Analysis conducted by strategists Matthew MacWilliams and Edward Erikson discovered that on Election Day, Warren had more than 100,000 Facebook fans engaging with her page. In contrast, her opponent Brown only attracted around 45,000 engagements. In an election that was only separated by 200,000 votes, this edge in social media engagement could be considered a large contributing factor to Warren’s Election Day victory."
Learning from the Election, Erika Briceno


The Wall Street Journel

"If you look at the other names bandied about, they're just not that well-known in the state," Democratic strategist Matt MacWilliams told Politico. "Kennedy obviously starts out with a real name ID and resonance. I assume he'd have the support of the Kennedy clan, including Sen. Kennedy's wife, so that would be pretty hard to beat."
Another KennedyJason L. Riley



"With the votes counted, Democratic strategists Matthew MacWilliams and Edward Erikson put some data behind the hypothesis."
Did Facebook Engagement Translate To Wins In Key Congressional Races?, Jennifer Moire